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Golden HoneyGolden Honey

Inspector is Coming...

Posted 4/24/2020

Karen will be selling queens this year, so we're getting inspected. No problems anticipated, so hopefully we will be able to provide queens soon!

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New Post Title

Posted 3/17/2020

Construction Season    

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Sold Out!

Posted 10/22/2019

Despite having more honey than last year, word got out and we're now sold out of spring honey. Sadly, we don't expect to be able to sell for such a low price next year, but that will depend on the bounty. 

The bees are being tucked away for winter, and last minute feeding if any of them are light.

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Last of the Spring Honey

Posted 9/3/2019

Well, that's it. We extracted the last of the spring honey that was still in some of the honey super's due to 2 of our queens missing the correct door. But we were lucky in that they filled the empty spaces by moving honey down rather than with summer nectar. 

So we have enough honey we could lower our prices! How rare is that? 

Please do contact us for any more information. Sweet dreams......

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Splitting the Hive

Posted 7/22/2019

While checking for honey, we noticed 1 hive with too many bees and swarm cells. So Karen split the hive. It looks daunting, but no stings and ended with 2 colonies.















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They're Late

Posted 7/4/2019

It's always up to the ladies. We had been expecting to extract by now, but the super's we've checked are not quite capped yet. We're hoping to have some ready by this time next week!

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They're late....

Posted 5/8/2019

Bees are Buzzing!

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April - Spring?

Posted 4/9/2019

Not only are you frustrated, but the bees are too! Where is Spring? The hives have been out and about collecting water and doing orientation and cleansing flights. We have seen brood in a couple of the hives, so Karen is pretty sure all 8 are going to make it. And if so, she will have some NUCs ready to sell if you're interested in starting your own hives.

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Spring 2019

Posted 3/18/2019

As expected, it has been a quiet winter. New parts are ready to be used.

So far we are 8 for 8 on the hives - extremely rare. But it does look good.

We're still quite a bit of time away from honey extraction, but check back here for upcoming timelines.

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New Post Title

Posted 1/18/2019

Construction Time....

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