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Base and screened bottom boardBase and screened bottom board

Medium boxesMedium boxes



RickRickCrown Point Honey is a very small local provider of the best honey around. It started with Karen picking up a couple of hives from her dentist (conflict of interest?) after researching all winter. She is the true beekeeper, I'm more the muscle of the operation. 

Karen has grown her collective to 8 healthy hives, and I expect a couple more around the corner.

I've built a lot of the parts for Karen's hives and the bees seem to like it well enough. Karen does the painting, and all the logistics around extraction to ensure we get the fresh spring honey and leave the later honey for the ladies. She keeps the fall honey in the freezer for the spring before the full flow is on. 

She babies her bees, so there are few other parts that aren't absolutely necessary, but help nonetheless.