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Golden HoneyGolden Honey

Almost Christmas

Posted 12/12/2018

We still have some spring honey left, but no large jars left. I did make some creamed honey, so we have a bit of that now too.

The ladies are all tucked away comfortably. Karen took her infra-red gun out and they do seem to be clustering low.

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Posted 12/4/2018

Melting all the wax. We made a few votive candles, some boot polish and some lip balm.

The polish and balm need work, but the candles are fine.

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The Bees are Cozy

Posted 11/16/2018

We got them on just before the snow hit. All 8 are wrapped up, and we shouldn't have to bother them until spring.

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Added some new pictures from Karen of her hive taken with her infra-red camera. The pictures with the cluster low in the hive are what we should see. The next 2 are a bit high for nearly winter, but they could be late summer brood. We'll post more before

Welcome to our Web Site

Posted 10/26/2018

We will be wrapping the hives with their winter blanket this weekend, I'll post pictures of them all cozy for winter.

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